Monday, 1 September 2014

Public Boners..........

Welcome to the Guy Vision.
The blog where guys get naked,  its as simple as that.  All kinds of guys naked for your pleasure.

Today I feature more guys that pop one when out and about!     Yep  the public erection,  or  semi stiff one can cause major embarrassment or be the start of a great night!

Remember you can submit your own pics to feature here - just email them in tidusmannequine @ Its the same email if you want to make any suggestions or have any requests!

Something always cum up when anyone mentions  a photo opportunity to these college boys!
Which one first?
Most nudist/naturist gatherings have pavilions to protect nude participants from too much sun.  These guys are obviously enjoying one another’s company!
Buds hanging out and getting aroused 

Eikks getting a semi with mom at nudist camp!

He smiles coyly as she finally grasps his thick aching cock, which has signaled his desire all afternoon
Naughty straight couple on the beach.

The man who covers his face and not his cock is proud of what he’s displaying, even if he doesn’t want to be identified.

Raging hormones make college boys so fun on the nude beach
A casual stroll down the beach but he’s no peacock looking for a mate 

Beach bonfires at night are the perfect place for finding  love among friends
Oh dear drunken straights on the beach!

Beach bonfires at night are the perfect place for finding  love among friends

Growing in the sun is ton of fun for the photographer

Sunday, 31 August 2014

More World Naked Bike Ride Pics.

Hey boys and girls,

Here's another little selection of attractive guys getting it out in public during one of the many World Naked Bike Ride events taking place each year in a city near you!

The streets of London never looked so good.    All these handsome dudes protesting against the proliferation of the car and pollution caused by it.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Friday, 29 August 2014

Naked Guys on Guys Casting

Welcome to the Guy Vision blog where guys get naked.

There's something hot about straight guys going gay for pay,  but to earn money you have to try out first, which is what Guys Casting is all about,   guys trying out for porn......

Here's a sexy guy, looks like he could live next door, trying out for a place in porn.

Sexy Guys @ Guys Casting

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Naked Outside - public nudity - Naked Guys.

Today's post is all about public nudity.......don't you just love the outrageousness of it all? 


Now for a new series. One naked guy is hot – two or more are even hotter. This series celebrates naked groups. Follow me: